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Remote Social Media and Community Management for Startups

Highly specialized social media services essential to growth. Good Audience has been doing social media and community management since 2013. We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes. From early stage to late stage. From B2B to e-commerce. From big brands to mom & pop shops. After working on over 3,000 social media profiles, we found the biggest impact we make is with startups.

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We have a built in audience you can you can tap into

250,000+ Readers

Our publication on Medium has over 250,000 readers a month from all over the world. Blockchain is one of the most popular topics read and it is followed closely behind by AI/ML.

200+ Thought Leaders

Some of the most well respected thougth leaders got their start writing for Good Audience. Now they are staples in the community as thougth leaders and influencers.

30,000+ Followers

Twitter became a great way for us to stay engaged with our readers. We slowly grew from 0 to 30,000 followers as the growth of our publication took on a life of its own.

Our influencer network amplifies your message

How Good Audience helps you grow

Handcrafted Content

We know how incredibly hard it is building a business from the ground. Creating content on a daily basis is time-consuming. Don't worry, our social media and community managers will develop a content strategy that works.

Audience Targeting using AI/ML

We've built a large dataset over the years growing 3,000+ social media accounts. This helps us scale who to target on social media and predict who are likely to engage with you.

Engage the community

Show off your products, announce your latest tech updates, and engage deeper with the community. We regularly do interviews, AMAs, accept guest posts, and love sharing use cases of deep tech.

Grow your supporters

Our community will want to follow your tech and your journey. We just need to make sure it reaches the right people who are interested through our promotions and distributions.

Pricing & Signup

$450   $ 299 / month

Slow and Steady

1 social account

  • Remote social media expert
  • Basic content strategy
  • 1 post per day on each account
  • 9-1pm live monitoring & engagement
$850   $ 599 / month

Running Like a Boss

2 social accounts

  • Remote social media expert
  • Recommended content strategy
  • 2 posts per day on each account
  • 9-5pm live monitoring & engagement
$2,450   $ 1,999 / month

Rocket Fueled

4 social accounts

  • Remote social media expert
  • Advanced content strategy
  • 4 posts per day on each account
  • 24/7 live monitoring & engagement